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Stay cool this Summer by following these 3 simple tips!

As we are approaching the middle of July, the dog days of summer are upon us!  Walking out of your house in the morning you can definitely tell the temperature has risen, as well as the humidity level in the air.  Beating the heat is as important as ever, especially for the elderly and your beloved pets.  Here are some quick tips to keep cool this summer!


  1. Prepare your meals outside – Especially when you are entertaining guests.  Summer is the time for barbecues, cookouts, tailgates, pool parties, and many more gatherings.  While preparing food for your guests, keep your work outside as best as you can.  The cooking appliances in your home will only add to the heat and force your air conditioner to work even harder. In addition to this, guests constantly moving between the inside and outside means that your doors will be open frequently, allowing your precious cool air to sneak outside.  By keeping your guests outside as best you can, you can give your air conditioner a break.
  2. Drink plenty of water – Dehydration is a major cause for concern for every person, however it is especially problematic for children who spend hours outside playing, and the elderly who may not have access to water.  While you are out enjoying your outdoor activities, and even when you’re inside, try to consume at least 16oz of water every hour. But keep in mind, the more water you drink, the better off you’ll be!
  3. Regular maintenance on your HVAC system – A great way to save money is to make sure your equipment is running properly.  If you have faulty or inefficient equipment, you may as well be flushing your money down the toilet!  A licensed, trusted, and experienced HVAC professional from A&A Mechanical can provide affordable maintenance services.  If you are in need of an appointment, call quickly because they fill up fast!


By following these 3 simple tips, you are off to a cool start to your summer.  This time of year should be all about fun and excitement, so don’t let the heat put a damper on your plans.  Prepare your meals outside when entertaining guests, drink plenty of water, and perform regular maintenance on your HVAC system to stay cool this summer!

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