Daylight hours are dwindling and there is crispness to the air. Below are a few ways to reduce your energy footprint and save costs as we come into the autumn season.

Take Advantage of the Sunshine

During the day, raise your blinds to allow the sun to heat your home naturally. Close them at night to reduce the chill.

Check Your Insulation

Proper insulation will help keep your home energy efficient, thus reducing costs. Check the thermal resistance of the insulation in your basement, attic, ceilings and floors. Once your home has been inspected you will be able to assess whether you need to install more insulation or update your current insulation.

Find and Seal Leaks

Air leaks come from the windows and doors that are not sealed well. Add weather-stripping around doors and re-caulk the connections between windows to reduce heat loss. Sealing these leaks will help control ventilation and keep costs low.

Check Your Fireplace to Reduce Heat Loss

An easy way to reduce heat loss is to check and clean your fireplace. Keep the damper closed when you are not using the fireplace to keep out the cold air. To keep your energy costs even lower, avoid using your fireplace and heating systems at the same time.

Perform Regular Maintenance on Your System
To keep an efficient heating system, routine maintenance is essential. It may involve checking gas connections and equipment controls or changing furnace filters. Regardless of the work, the technicians from A&A Mechanical will make sure your system is updated and properly functioning.