The summer is almost over and colder weather is on the horizon. While there may be plenty of warm days left as we head into the fall, it’s still important to start preparing your cooling unit for winter, so you can avoid expensive repairs next spring.

Here is a checklist to help you ready you AC unit for winter:

Change your filters.

Yes, this tip comes up a lot. That’s because it’s important and we can’t express enough how essential a regular filter change is to the efficiency of your unit. Change it now and change it again in the spring. Just because it’s not running doesn’t mean dirt and debris won’t build up and stress the unit.

Clean up around the AC unit.

It is crucial to keep your outside unit free from debris, especially as leaves start to fall. They can get trapped underneath the unit and cause damage when it’s time to use it again. Be sure to trim back any low-hanging branches and other foliage that may get in the away. As a rule of thumb, you should have at least two feet of space between your AC unit and any trees or bushes to ensure your unit is safe in the event of heavy winds or a winter storm.

Periodically look for cracks and damage.

Once you’ve changed the filter and cleaned up excess debris around the unit, check it for any cracks, rust or additional damage. If you find any damage to your unit, call A&A Mechanical so we can send one of our technicians to inspect the damage before winter makes it too difficult.

Cover your AC unit.

There is some debate whether to cover your AC, but a good cover can protect it from ice, snow, and debris, which can damage various parts. A cover may cause excess moisture build-up, which can cause the unit to rust. To avoid this, leave at least 12-inches of exposed coil, so the air can still circulate during the winter months.

Check your unit during the winter months.

As winter progresses, check on your air conditioner once in a while. Get in the habit of clearing off the unit after a snow storm to prevent ice buildup and excess weight. Remove any fallen branches and debris that may be absorbed and clog the unit.

Preparing your AC in the fall can save you thousands down the road. If you’re having any problems with your AC unit or want to ensure your Bucks County or Philadelphia home will stay warm all winter long, call A&A Mechanical today at: 215-396-1525 to schedule an appointment.

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