It would seem that winter really wants to stick around this year. But, it won’t be long until the spring flowers begin to bloom and the chill in the air dissipates. That means warm, sunny days and refreshing breezes. It also means it’s time for your furnace to take a much-needed break.

Before you turn off the heater for the season, there are a few preventative maintenance items you should take care of. Sure, you could just turn it off and call it a day; but would it be truly smart to do so? Of course not. Post-season maintenance is a crucial element that will keep your furnace running efficiently year after year.

Here is your post-season checklist:

Give your furnace a good inspection.
Once the furnace is off, conduct a thorough inspection. The unit should be free from residue and soot. Check for any loose connections, strange lights or sounds, or any other inconsistencies, so can alert your HVAC professional.

Replace the air filter.
We say this a lot, but replacing the air filter is the simplest and easiest way to ensure the air quality in your home is up to par and your unit stays free from debris and continues to work efficiently. Before the winter season is over, you should replace the old filter. It will benefit your air conditioner this spring!

Check the pilot light.
A well-maintained pilot light will burn blue and remain steady while it’s on. If the light it orange, it means there are some impurities in the pilot.

Give the unit a good cleaning.
Clean the accessible areas of your furnace. Remove any dust that may have built up and ensure the area around the HVAC unit is free from clutter. Be sure to work carefully to avoid damaging any of the unit’s components.

Inspect the blower belt.
If your HVAC unit has a blower belt, be sure to inspect it for cracks and general wear and tear. An acceptable belt should depress slightly when you push it with your fingers.

Schedule furnace maintenance.
Most furnace manufacturers recommend that your furnace be tuned up by a licensed heating professional annually. Professional services include component checks and through cleanings. Regular tune-ups will ensure your HVAC system is working at its peak efficiency.

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