The past few days have been nice… but if one thing’s for certain when you live in Pennsylvania it’s you can’t ever trust that Mother Nature is finished with winter. With that in mind, it may be time to good time to give your furnace a once over. Here are a few tips to make sure your furnace will carry you through in case a late winter snow storm hits Bucks and Montgomery counties:
Check and clean your air filters regularly. We probably sound like a broken record, but this is the easiest and cheapest preventative maintenance you can provide for your furnace. As the furnace pumps warm air into your home, it’s also filtering debris and dirt particles from entering the air. If too much debris become trapped in the filter, your furnace can clog, leaving you with a costly repair.
Inspect the drain lines. Drain lines provide an outlet for the water to drain from the furnace. If you notice a puddle under the furnace, the line is probably clogged. Don’t wait too long to fix the problem, because a clogged drain line can shut the whole furnace down.
Ensure the vents are completely open and not blocked. Check the vents leading outside your home to confirm they aren’t blocked by shrubbery or dirt buildup. Inside, move large furnishings, toys, and other objects that could potentially block the air flow into a room.
Change the thermostat batteries. It goes without saying that batteries have a limited lifespan. If your thermostat isn’t working, nether is your furnace. This may not sound like a huge problem, but imagine coming home to a waterfall in your kitchen because a pipe burst or having your furnace overheat because it wasn’t receiving the proper commands from the thermostat. To test the batteries, adjust the temperature a few degrees and see if the furnace responds. If it doesn’t, you probably need new batteries.
Service your furnace regularly. The best way to make sure your furnace works efficiently during its lifespan is to give it proper maintenance. The cost of a yearly tune-up will save you more in the long run because your furnace will run into fewer issues.
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