Comfortable, safe, and reliable are just some of the words used to describe hydronic boilers. They circulate hot water throughout your house while warming baseboards and other tubing throughout your floors and ceilings. Hydronic systems provide evenly distributed heat throughout your home, don’t require the installation of ductwork, and keep your floors feeling warm during the winter months. Ask about our oil boiler maintenance services!

In addition to hydronic boilers, A&A can also install steam boilers in all shapes and sizes. Some of the benefits of steam boilers include providing clean and even heat throughout your building. Our boiler services are crucial for your Bucks County commercial properties because no other company offers the quality and comprehensive care that we do on every job! Steam boilers should only be handled by a certified professional to ensure safety and proper usage.


Each and every commercial building required specific conditions to promote the safety, comfort, and well-being of its occupants. Creating that right environment during the warmer days of the year requires the use of a commercial chiller. Chillers that A&A installs are nothing but the highest quality and reliability to deliver the appropriate climate within your building and minimize operation costs through the use of energy efficient products.

Closed Loop Systems

One of the many benefits of using close loop systems is that when properly installed, the system can last up to 25 or 30 years without interference. In addition to this, the cost of running a closed loop is significantly lower than running an open loop. However, in order to reach the full life expectancy of a closed loop system, professional care and maintenance is required to ensure corrosion and bacteria growth is kept to minimum levels.


The rooftops of your commercial building is where a lot of the bulky equipment will likely remain. So making sure that your rooftop can support the weight of the equipment and the ductwork that is likely also involved can be a crucial task. Luckily, A&A Mechanical will keep the safety of your building’s rooftop a primary concern so it’s one less thing for you to worry about!

Zoned Systems

Zoning your HVAC system is a crucial step in the process in an effort to provide comfort to all occupants in all sections of your building. Instead of having one thermostat controlling a large portion of your property, multiple thermostats will be spread throughout to reduce operating costs and improve occupant comfort. One thermostat controlling multiple zones of your building is extremely inefficient so it’s in your best interest to contact A&A today to discuss setting up a zoned HVAC system throughout your building.

Unit Heaters (Gas or Oil)

We pride ourselves on providing your commercial property with efficient and long-lasting equipment that will continue to get the job done long after we leave. Perhaps you are not in need of a property-wide heating system and a gas or oil unit heater will suit your needs. Our experts are prepared to work with you to help come to that conclusion. These inexpensive pieces of hardware can add many benefits to your commercial property and promote a healthy and comfortable climate inside your walls.

Baseboard (Hydronic or Electric)

If your needs are not being met with central heating, perhaps hydronic or electric baseboard heaters are the answer! These units are relatively inexpensive to install and easy to maintain. With baseboard heaters, it’s possible to keep those “hard to warm” rooms a comfortable temperature all year round. There are even portable models that can be transported from room to room at your discretion. A&A will work with you to get the perfect type of baseboard heater for your unique situation.

Commercial Lighting

One of our many areas of expertise includes our ability to provide industrial lighting in retail stores, offices, warehouses, educational institutions, and many more. A&A has quickly grown a strong reputation in the Bucks County area for becoming an industry leader in commercial lighting services, both interior and exterior.

More and more companies around the country are realizing the importance of installing energy-efficient lighting, which is a significant turn of events! Lowered utility bills and reduced maintenance costs are some of the many benefits supporting energy-efficient commercial lighting. Our experts are eager to hear your specific needs and provide you with the best products to satisfy those needs!

Distribution Systems, Panel Bus Bars

A&A is eager to install your electrical distribution system from the bottom up!  Every step of the process will be met with care, safety, and reliability that comes standard with every project.  No two distribution systems are exactly alike and you can rest assured that yours will be installed and maintained right the first time.

A bus bar’s main function is to conduct a large amount of electric currents, but not as a structural member.  Another main benefit of these is to reduce the amount of lost power due to their bigger surface areas.  From the beginning of the process we will offer input on the design and installation of the bus bar, deliver and install it for you, then test to make sure it functions properly.

New Construction

Wouldn’t it be easier if the electrical work was done right during initial construction of your building? A&A will consult during every step of the construction process to ensure your electrical needs are done right the first time. A collaboration on the part of the electricians and construction works are crucial for providing safe, affordable, and reliable electrical systems.

Do you have any outstanding violations against your electrical system? A&A is equipped to correct those mistakes and carefully examine your entire building. We will check both interior and exterior electrical systems, ground systems, outlet functionality, heating and air conditioning, and anything else that might be cause for concern. The standard upon which we operate is the National Electrical Code which ensures the safe installation of wiring and equipment.


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