Those hot, sticky summer days are already here. Lately, with the intense humidity, the only places to be are in a pool or in the cool AC.

Imagine coming home from work on a 93-degree afternoon to discover your AC is blowing hot air. What a nightmare!!!

Here are some of the most common reasons why you’re AC isn’t keeping you cool:

  • Your thermostat is set to heat mode. This may seem obvious, but even the best of us have accidentally flipped the switch too far. If this is the case, turn that switch to cold and you’ll be good to go!
  • The evaporator coil and filter are dirty. It is essential to change the AC filter regularly to ensure dirt and debris don’t aggravate the system. If the coil gets dirty, it will stop producing cold air and will need to be changed by a professional before you can get relief from the heat.
  • The outside unit is dirty, blocked, and/or poorly maintained. Take a quick peek at the unit outside. Is it free and clear from shrubbery, sticks, and debris? Are the condenser coils clean? If not, your airflow and the units cooling ability are restricted.
  • The refrigerant is low. This is the most likely problem. If you see ice forming on your unit, you know you may be low on refrigerant or have a possible leak.

If your AC is blowing hot air, and your thermostat is set to cool, then call A&A Mechanical at 215-396-1525. Our experienced technicians will examine your unit, determine the source of the problem, and get the cold air flowing into your home.