Do you frequently see foggy windows or smell a musty odor in your home? Are there damp spots or rotting wood anywhere? If so, these are the signs of excess moisture and indicate your home is too humid. Even if you haven’t seen these indicators [yet], it is important to control any potential humidity issues to avoid costly repairs.

Most often, people try to control it by blasting the air conditioning, which can result in pricey energy bills, but there are other ways to reduce humidity.

Check for Leaks

One of the simplest ways to reduce the humidity in your house is to seal any leaks in outside walls. Examine windowsills and doorframes for any visible cracks and use your hand to feel for any air currents. Also, update any tattered weather-stripping to keep your air inside.

Install Exhaust Fans

Hot showers add considerable humidity to your home’s atmosphere. A cracked window may help eliminate some of the excess moisture, but if the room isn’t properly ventilated it will linger and eventually cause health and structural concerns. To avoid long-term issues, it is highly recommended that your bathroom be equipped with an exhaust fan.

Don’t forget about your kitchens and laundry rooms, which also contribute to the moisture found in your home. Consider running your dry vents outside and utilize any existing exhaust fans in your kitchen while using the stovetop, which produces excess moisture.

Install a Dehumidifier Directly on Your HVAC System

The most effective way to control the moisture in your house is to enlist a professional to install a dehumidifier directly on your system. In conjunction with your HVAC system, the dehumidifier remove excess water from the air before it travels through the air ducts.

Our knowledgeable technicians will examine your existing HVAC system and recommend a dehumidifier that will work best to meet your dehumidification needs.

Have your HVAC Regularly Inspected

Regular HVAC inspections are a critical factor to keep your system running optimally. Routine maintenance improves the overall air quality in your home, increases the life expectancy of your system and will use less energy overall, putting a few extra dollars in your pocket each year! Call A&A Mechanical today to schedule a service call!



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